Newborn nappy change tips

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If you're changing a newborn baby's nappy make sure you have everything to hand. Undo the tabs and turn the Velcro back on themselves so that they don't scratch your baby.

Maneuver the nappy forward and back underneath your baby's bottom.

Always wipe in the front to back motion when you are cleaning your baby's bottom.

You can use cotton wool with warm water or sensitive baby wipes.

If you are changing a little boy a good idea is to place a wipe over the front to avoid any unnecessary spraying.

Place your clean fresh nappy under your baby, remove the wipe and apply barrier cream if required.

Fasten the nappy making sure the umbilical cord is kept clear, with either the cut away at the front of the nappy or folding the nappy down.

Secure the nappy so it's comfortably tight, make sure the nappy is pointing outwards around the thigh areas to avoid any unnecessary leakage.