Our Sleep swaddle bag gets the seal of approval from baby sleep consultant Jo Tantum

Our Sleep swaddle bag gets the seal of approval from baby sleep consultant Jo Tantum

We are thrilled with the fabulous review for our baby sleep swaddle bags from renowned baby sleep consultant Jo Tantum. Check out what she had to say, she even gives ewan a mention too 😊

Thank you so much Jo! x

Sweet dreamers baby sleep bag and swaddle

I’m always on the look out for great baby buys things that help parents in the early months and of course help little ones sleep better.I’ve always been an advocate of safe swaddling and there are always lots of items on the market, and I’m always keen to try them out.

Swaddling helps your baby experience more restful sleep. Your baby will be in REM sleep which is a light/ dream like sleep where they move a round and their eyes flicker- hence the Rapid Eye Movement for at least 50 % of their sleep cycles. Often in this sleep stage your baby will also be more likely to startle. This can look scary as your baby will open their arms out and often move their head back, and open their eyes. The Moro reflex which causes the startle is completely normal but will cause baby to wake often and cry out. This is because when your baby was in the womb they were cocooned within,Safe and snuggly. Now there are no sides to stop them flailing.

This is where swaddling comes in, and I’ve found a brilliant one! The Sweet Dreamers baby sleep bag and swaddle.

I’ve know Sweet Dreamers for many years , when I met Lynda with Ewan dream sheep when I was opening and speaking at Brighton Baby show and I’ve followed their wonderful journey ever since. And their new product is very exciting, although not as fabulous as Ewan of course!

The swaddle /sleeping bag is super soft as it’s made from bamboo which is the finest thread count. Bamboo is also breathable, natural, sustainable and skin friendly for babies super sensitive skin.

It’s really easy to settle your baby into ready for a nap, and nighttime. It has a zipper so you can change their nappy in the night without taking it off. Usually babies will be safely swaddled until around 3-4 months. Or until they start rolling. By then I start to transition them into a sleeping bag. Which is why this item is so clever and saves money. Week 1- in the daytime I take one arm out- usually the one they prefer to suck on. At night they are still fully swaddled. By week 2 take both arms out for naps and one arm out for night. And by week 3 they will be fully in their sleeping bag.

At anytime if they are not ready you can go back a step. If there is one thing you really need in your hospital bag and at home from day one is this lovely product and of course Ewan.

If you would like anymore sleep advice or help please go to my website - www.JoTantum.com I’m also on Instagram and X(formerly Twitter)

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