How to transition your toddler into their big bed

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Here's a few tips for transitioning your toddler into their big girl or big boy bed.

1.) Get the timing right, if there is already a lot going on in your toddlers life, like a new baby brother or sister, or potty training then it's best to wait. This is supposed to be a fun and exciting time and you don't want your toddler to be too overwhelmed.

2.) Let your toddler get involved. Let them help pick out the bedding. If you are going to decorate maybe let them choose the colour of the paint or wall paper. You could even let them pick out the bed.

3.) Stick to the same bed time routine that you had before when they were in their cot, because if you change it up too much, it can become really unsettling and confusing for your little toddler.

4.) Make sure your toddler is aware of the bedtime rules, the last call for water, trips to the potty so that when you do the final tuck in they know it's time for bed.

Of course at first it's going to be expected that your child will keep getting in and out of bed, but just try to remember to be as patient as possible and try and reinforce good bedtime habits and when they do get it right, give them lots of praise.