Why we Use Bamboo

Here at Sweet Dreamers we care about our planet, and we’re always striving to improve both as a business and as mums too. We’ve always used bamboo in our products, so we thought we’d share the reasons why- with a little help from our friends at The Cheeky Panda.

Why use bamboo?

We’re often asked why we use bamboo in our products- and many new parents are surprised when we tell them that it’s the bamboo that makes our towels so soft! We tend to think of the bamboo shoots that pandas eat, or the bamboo canes we use in the garden, and it’s hard to relate those images to the luxuriously soft towel we wrap our babies in- or the loo roll we use! But it’s true- bamboo is used in many products for many reasons, so we thought we’d try to explain a little more about it all.

Bamboo grows fast

One fantastic reason for using bamboo is definitely it’s ability to grow super fast. The Cheeky Panda told us:

“We use bamboo because it is the worlds fastest growing plant. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that grows 30x faster than trees. “

Some types of bamboo can actually grow around a metre in just one day! And bamboo is unique, because cutting it actually stimulates further growth, which means that it’s a highly renewable source that will regrow naturally without the need for reforestation. Clever, huh?

Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic

Let’s talk about bamboo’s naturally hypoallergenic qualities- after all, we’re using it on our (and our baby’s) skin. Because bamboo’s fibres are naturally smoother and rounder, there are no sharp spikes to irritate the skin- so it’s perfect for anyone who experience allergic reactions, or for sensitive skin.

Bamboo is also antibacterial and anti fungal too- thanks to ‘Bamboo Kun’, which is responsible for repelling bacteria, fungi, bugs and pests. It’s also the reason why bamboo is able to grow so prolifically without the need for fertilisers or pesticides.

How is bamboo sourced?

So, how exactly is bamboo sourced? Let’s find out.

Sustainable bamboo forests

Because bamboo is so renewable, bamboo forests are highly sustainable. The Cheeky Panda explains:

"Firstly, bamboo is a grass and when harvested, it is cut above the root- this means that all of the sequestered carbon taken in by the bamboo plant isn’t released when harvested (unlike trees!). Bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than trees, and absorbs 35% more carbon and this is why we should encourage responsibility managed bamboo forests.”

And because it’s cut above the root, it doesn’t need to be re-planted again- it just continues to grow. Leaving the roots where they are has other benefits too- it improves the health of the soil that the roots grow into, aiding in improvements to the micro-environment below the surface. This means that when heavy rain falls, the risk of landslides lowers because the ground is healthy, stable and protected.

Meeting regulations

Sadly, not all bamboo is grown in the same way and some bamboo forests do not meet regulations. Here at Cuddledry we’re committed to responsible sourcing of all materials- including bamboo. Our policy is to only stock bamboo sourced from verified legal sources and our factories use suppliers who source from well managed areas that have been certified too.

How sustainable is bamboo?

So we know that bamboo grows fast, and we know it has the ability to re-grow too… but how sustainable is it really? This is a topic that The Cheeky Panda are certainly very passionate about, as they told us:

“There are so many reasons as to why bamboo is the ultimate sustainable resource!”

And we have to agree.

Bamboo requires no fertilisation

A major  reason why bamboo is so sustainable:  "Bamboo requires no fertilizers or pesticides to grow in abundance, in fact, it requires no human interference at all!”

The fact that there are no chemicals used in the production of bamboo also means that it is biodegradable too- win win!

Bamboo is highly versatile

We love the versatility of bamboo- the fact it can be used in both bath towels and loo roll alone is just amazing! The Cheeky Panda agree, adding:

“Bamboo has many great qualities such as being naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal. It’s an incredibly versatile resource that we believe isn’t utilised enough!”

Bamboo can also be used for floors, furniture, skateboards, toothbrushes, bicycle frames… the list goes on!

The bottom line on bamboo

Bamboo is used by us here at Cuddledry and The Cheeky Panda for a variety of reasons.

  • It grows fast, and without need for fertisiliers or pesticides
  • It can be harvested without damage to the soil or the environment
  • It’s extremely versatile
  • It aids n global carbon absorption
  • It has natural antibacterial properties
  • It’s highly absorbent (around 65% more so than cotton- great for a towel!
  • Bamboo viscose process silky soft bamboo thread and fabrics- perfect for sensitive skin
  • It helps to reduce deforestation- by using bamboo, companies like The Cheeky Panda are not cutting down trees to make their products- and trees cannot grow back once they’ve been chopped down