What is so special about Leap years?

What is so special about Leap years?

When do Leap years happen?

Leap years happen every four years, where an additional day is added in at the end of February to help keep the calendar year in sync with the Earth’s rotation.

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Why do Leap years happen?

The Earths 365-day orbit is a rounded down number, it actually takes approximately 365.25 days to orbit the sun therefore the additional day every four year helps to make up for that time.

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What is February 29th famous for?

February 29th is famous for lots of cultural traditions around the world. Originating in Ireland, women are said to happily propose to their intendeds on this day, the Greeks deem it unlucky to get married in a leap year and in Scotland a leap year saying, ‘Leap year was ne’er a good sheep year’ is a bad omen for their livestock.

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What are babies born on the 29th February known as?

Babies born on February 29th can be known affectionately as ‘Leaplings’ or ‘Leapers’.

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What are the odds on being born on a Leap year?

Leap day birthdays are unsurprisingly one of the rarest birthdays to have with around a 1 in 1,461 chance. Leap year babies are officially registered with the birthdate February 29th however on common years they may celebrate their birthdays on the dates either side or even both.

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Why is it called a Leap year?

Why is it referred to as a "leap year"? In a typical year, which lasts 52 weeks and 1 day, if your birthday falls on a Monday one year, it should happen on a Tuesday the following year. However, the insertion of an extra day during a leap year causes your birthday to "leap" over a day in the calendar, meaning your next birthday would be on a Wednesday "leaping" or missing out the Tuesday.

We think being born on February 29th makes you pretty special, so to all the Leaplings out there, Happy Birthday to Ewe, from the ewan Team x