What age can my baby use a sleeping bag?

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So it's always important to check the label on your sleeping bag. So this is a 0-6 months and this has a minimum weight of 8.8lbs and a range of height between 50-65cm, so if your baby doesn't fit in-between those ranges then you can't use this 0-6 month sleeping bag.

Now you can get some 0-3 months sleeping bags, now this particular one has a minimum weight of 7lbs and a maximum height of 63cm, so always check the label or the packaging and also make sure that the neck opening is a regulation size so that your baby can't wriggle down inside the bags. So make sure that their head will not pass through the neck opening and that it also has a secondary popper under the arm to make the arm holes smaller - again so that you baby can't wriggle down inside the bag.

Check that it meets British safety standard BS EN 16781:2018 as well, hope this helps.