Water Saving Tips for 2022

Here at Sweet Dreamers HQ we're passionate about doing what we can to preserve our planet- and seeing as this week is Water Saving Week, we thought we'd share some tips! Find out how easy it is to save water at home, with our water saving tips for 2022. 

Save water at bathtime

Let's start with bathtime, shall we? Lots of you tell us that your babies and little ones love a good splash in the tub, so here are some tips to make it more eco friendly all round!

Share the tub

If you've got more than one child, then it just makes sense to get them both in the tub at the same time. As they get older, this might not always be possible- but you don't need to pull the plug and run a new bath after each child either. Read our post on how to bath more than one baby for more tips on how to make it as stress-free as possible. 

Top & tail in between

You don't need to bath your baby every single day, especially when they're really tiny. In between dips in the tub, you can do a quick top & tail wash to save water. Read our post on how to do a top & tail wash.

Take showers

Showers are a great way to save water at home- and can be great fun for older babies and toddlers. We've written a post with some top tips on how to shower with your baby- take a read. For added water saving bonus tips, showers can also be shared. On average, one shower will use around half the value of water than a bath.

Turn taps off

Don't forget to turn taps off when you aren't using the water. Babies only need a very shallow bath (read this post for details on how much water you need, along with other bath safety guidance) so don't be tempted to overfill the tub. It's also a good idea to turn the taps off while you and your children brush your teeth too.

Use a water saving device in the toilet

Get in touch with your local water board and ask them about getting a water saving device for the toilet. You simply pop it into the cistern, and save water every time you flush.

Save water in the kitchen

The kitchen is another room where we tend to use a lot of water- but luckily, you can save a lot too.

Wash a full load

Don't be tempted to run your machine on a half load as this can use lots of water unnecessarily. Wait for a full load, even if your machine is able to use less water per kilogram of clothes.

As an aside, your Cuddledry handsfree towel won't need washing after every single use either- let it air dry overnight after each use, and wash every two to three days instead. ps, don't forget to skip the fabric conditioner, to keep it nice and soft!

Store a jug of water in the fridge for drinks

Having a jug of cold water ready to go will save on having to run the tap for cold water each time. 

Wash veg in a bowl of water

Use a bowl of water in the sink when you wash fruit and veg, to save running the tap for long periods of time. When you're done, use it to water the plants.

Get a water butt

Investing in a water butt can be a great way to save water too. Lots of families find that using rain water can really cut down on their usage. The average water butt will hold around 200 litres of water- and cuts down on your need to use treated water on your garden.