Useful things we forget to pack in our hospital bag!

We have checked several lists, packed and repacked our maternity bag ready for our hospital stay but what are some of the most common items we all forget to pack? 


It may seem like the first thing we would think of packing however as we use our chargers most days, it may not be possible to pack them in advance if we don’t have spares. We would suggest popping a small list on top of your already packed bag with a few items your partner or birthing partner can grab before you leave for the hospital as in the height of labour, it may be the furthest thing on your mind during contractions.

Lip Balm

Hospitals can be notoriously hot and during labour, gas and air can really dry lips out so packing a lip balm will give your lips some relief after birth. 

Healthy snacks

Of course, the hospital will have food for you throughout your stay however, it’s a great idea to pack some healthy snacks for pre and post birth. Giving birth can be exhausting and if you have your favourite healthy snacks to hand in your bag, you’ll be able to replenish your body with some much-needed nutrients and calories.

Install car seat

So, we know we can’t fit this in your hospital bag per say however, it certainly is something that gets overlooked until the very last minute. So, it’s time to get organised and install your newborn car seat a few weeks before your due date. It is best that both you and your partner know how to install the car seat and most car seat retailers will be able to help you with this if you are unsure.


We hope our list of forgotten extras helps you get organised for your little one’s arrival 😊