Understanding your baby’s sounds and what they mean

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How amazing would it be if you could actually understand what your baby is trying to tell you when they start crying? Well now, thanks to the Dunstan Baby Language you can!

The Dunstan Baby Language claims to have identified a number of different cries and what your baby is actually trying to tell you. Here is the first one,

"Neh" = baby is hungry.


Here is baby language part 2:

"Owh" = This is the vocal reflex that your baby makes to let you know that they are feeling tired and sleepy. It increases intensity over time, it will get louder and louder and sometimes can be mistaken for the "Neh" - hungry sound. It is normally accompanied by sleep queues, so you'll know which is the correct sound because they will be yawning, rubbing their eyes and generally becoming irritable.


Part 3 of the secrets behind your baby's cries, and what they are trying to tell you, as identified by the Dunstan Baby Language.

"Heh" = Discomfort. This sound is the vocal reflex your baby will make when they are feeling any sort of discomfort, or feeling uncomfortable. It could be that they have a wet nappy, a dirty nappy, could be feeling cold, they will automatically make this sound.


Here is part 4 of our baby language series on what your baby is trying to tell you when they are crying.

"Eair" = Lower abdomen pain - gas/wind. So it's something that is not quite right with their digestive tract. They could have trapped wind from a burp they haven't been able to bring up, they could be feeling constipated. It would be a good time now to try and help relieve this discomfort by perhaps using various baby massage techniques.


Part 5 of understanding what your baby is trying to tell you when they cry.

"Eh" = burp. A really short sound that your baby will automatically make when they have trapped wind and it's causing them pain and discomfort, so solution - try all your winding techniques to get that wind up and relieve the pain.