Travelling with a newborn in the car

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We've put together some hints and tips for if you're travelling with a newborn for a staycation.

1.) Make sure you have a correctly fitted car seat. Make sure you follow the manufacturers guidelines and that it is the correct size for your baby's height and weight.

2.) Make sure you map out your route as it's not advisable to travel with pre-term babies or newborns for any longer than 30 minutes. So make sure you stop regularly so you can take your baby out of the car seat so that they can have a little bit of a stretch. For older babies, make sure you stop every two hours and again take your baby out of the car seat so they can have a good old stretch.

3.) Make sure you have an adult next to your newborn so that thy can keep an eye on them throughout the journey.

4.) Check your baby's temperature regularly. You can use the back of your hand to feel their tummy or their neck. If they feel hot, sweaty or clammy, remove a layer of clothing. A good tip of course is to remove any hats and coats before travelling and also use a window shade to try and keep them out of direct sunlight.