Tog ratings for baby clothes during a heatwave

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During a heat wave all parents are concerned with making sure that their baby remains cool while they are sleeping. If you are using a lightweight cellular blanket like this, this is rated as 1 tog, but it's important to remember when you fold it over - you double the tog rating, so it would now become 2 togs. Now it can be quite easy to overlook this. An alternative to this would be to use a lightweight sleeping bag. This would already have the tog rating written on the label.

Here is a link to a guide giving information/suggestions on what your baby can wear at different room temperatures.

For reference, the NHS rate a short sleeve vest as 0.2 tog, and a baby grow as 1 tog.

This is particularly important for newborns as they are unable to regulate their own body temperature. So make sure you check on them regularly and adjust their clothing if you think they are overheating.