Tips to help with morning sickness

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Here's three tips to help try and help combat morning sickness.


This worked for me, it's to eat little and often. Have lots of snacks handy like granola bars, ginger biscuits are great. Have them by the bed for when you first wake up in the morning. Keep them in your bag, have them at work in the draw so you've always got something handy. Also try and avoid spicy foods. I kept my diet pretty bland; toast, rice - nothing too spicy.


Try and avoid smells that are going to trigger your nausea, because your sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy so try if you can to avoid smells that are going to make you feel sick.


Now they didn't have these when I was pregnant, but you can buy pressure point bands for your wrists. Now my daughter in law used these and found them very effective.

Finally guys you're going to get fatigued a lot more during that first trimester, hand in hand with the morning sickness, so try and make sure you rest up as much as you can.