Three Reasons to Love Daytime Bathtime

It might come as no surprise that team Sweet Dreamers LOVE daytime bathtimes! Yes, a warm bath is one of the best ways to round off a busy day, but when you run the tub a little earlier, to opens up a whole new world of play and learning opportunities. Since we all have a little extra time on our hands right now, why not put the plug in and have some fun? Here are just three reasons to love daytime bathtimes, plus read to the end to download a free guide for 8 activity ideas to make the most out of your afternoon splash.

1. Daytime baths change the tone of the day

Life is stressful for many right now. We're not used to being confined to our homes, unable to leave for trips to the park or outings to the shops. We're having to spend a lot more time indoors, away from our usual activities and that is so hard to get used to. For some children, this drastic change of routine can be hard to adapt to- and us adults are certainly feeling it too!

If your day is getting a little wonky and tempers are starting to fray, try filling the tub for a little time out. The warm water can relax and a change of scenery is always welcome when you're stuck inside.

2. Daytime baths create a new way to play

Kids love messy play! Parents, mostly, do not. But if you take the mess into the bathroom you can at least contain it a little better- and with a tub of water and bath toys, you can really change the direction of play. 

Make sure you download our guide at the end of this post for some really loverly ways to make the most out of bathtime fun.

3. Bathtime at any time is a great way to bond

One of the reasons why Cuddledry was created was because we wanted families to use bathtime as an opportunity to bond. In these strange times while things are stressful and life is so uncertain, grab any chance you can to unwind, slow down and just be together. Sing songs, tell stories, have a chat. Use bathtime to de-stress, evaluate  and move on.