Ten Ways to Make Bathtime Fun for Preschoolers

We're all about fun in the tub here at Cuddledry HQ and with the launch of our exciting 'Learn to Spell' Alphabet Foam Letters, we're encouraging bathtime fun that allows little ones to learn to spell as they splash! To celebrate, here are just ten ways to make bath time fun for pre-schoolers...

Find the letter/ sound

Empty the foam letters into the bath, and let the fun begin! Take turns to call out a letter and see who can find it and stick it to the side of the bath first! Extend the learning by spelling out 'cvc' (example: c-a-t) words for your child to read aloud.

Match the letters

Point out objects in the bathroom and ask your child to find the corresponding letter to stick to the bath. Extend the learning by making sounds such as 'ch' for chair.

Name the body parts

Help your little ones to spell out and read words such as 'head', 'arm' and 'leg'- as they spell the word they must give that body part a wash!

Counting games

Count together, and find the initial sounds of each number's name as you go.


Stick part of a word to the bath and ask your child to guess which letters are missing. Give clues, or extend the learning by asking your little one to think of a word for you to guess instead.

Practise spelling your name

Help your child to spell their own name with the foam letters! Extend the learning by talking about each letter in the name, and other words that start with the same sound.

Practise the alphabet

Can your little one create the whole alphabet with their foam letters? Sing the song as you go, and see if you can fit all 26 letters along the bath!

Build sentences

Older kids can start to construct simple sentences at bath time- there are enough vowels in the set for this. Extend the learning

by using words and phrases to help you create a bedtime story together.

Explore sink and float

Talk to your child about the way the letters float in the water, and find other objects that will float alongside them. Talk about things that sink, and extend the learning by asking your child to predict which objects will sink or float and why.

Find the missing letter

Help your child to spell out a word then ask them to close their eyes as you remove a letter. Hide the letter in the bath water and ask them to tell you what it is before they search for it! Extend the learning by removing more than one letter, or by asking your child to create the word themselves before you take a letter away.