Six Things You Can Do For a New Mum Right Now

As the UK has moved into lockdown due to the Coronavirus, team Cuddledry has been speaking to pregnant women who are very concerned about many aspects of their current journey. There’s always an element of uncertainty when you're about to give birth - and that's in normal circumstances, never mind during a pandemic. Our Facebook support group now has over 150 members and is fast becoming a safe space online for women to chat to each other and offer support. But what can the rest of us do to help support our loved ones who are entering motherhood during this time?

Here are just six things that you can do for a new mum right now. Please share with friends and family - let's spread a little joy and happiness as far and wide as we can.


Modern technology is our friend more than ever right now, and a simple email opened in the middle of a night feed can really make a difference. All new mums want to show off their new baby, but with the rules dictating no visitors this is actually impossible right now.

Send an email asking for photos and video clips of the new baby and let your friend or loved one know that you're there - and you're desperate to meet the new baby virtually for now, until you're able to be there in person.

Send flowers

Companies such as Bloom & Wild delver flowers to mark special occasions - just because you can't deliver them in person doesn't mean they aren't just as appreciated. Sometimes a vase full of fresh, sweet smelling flowers can do wonders to lift spirits and brighten a room - plus its another way you can let your friend know you're thinking of her and baby.

Send gifts that are useful and practical

As a new mum, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of 'essentials' that are out there for new babies. But there are some new baby gifts that just make sense - things that you used and swore by are valuable recommendations to make. Of course, we recommend the handsfree towel (as do many, many other parents!) and we also offer a personalisation service to make the gift even more special.

If you are buying a Cuddledry gift for a new baby, please use code NEWBABY for 15% off the handsfree towel at checkout.

Send food

New babies are a lot of work! Lots of new mums find that they struggle to find the time to cook meals in the early days, so receiving gifts of home-cooked food left on the doorstep can be a really thoughtful and practical way to help. Next time you're making a meal at home, double your recipe if you can and pop it round- we guarantee it will be appreciated!

Send toilet roll!

Toilet roll and other essential items are actually not that easy to get hold of right now (these really are strange times!) and because we're not supposed to be shopping around to find these items, more people are stockpiling to guard against shortages. Sadly, this means that lots of us are struggling to find these items in the shops! It's certainly a rather odd new baby gift, but a small quarantine hamper with items such as toilet roll, pasta, tea bags and hand wash is a really great idea right now.

Facetime/ WhatsApp video calling

Sometimes you need that face to face interaction, and never more so when you have a new baby to show off! Let your friend know you're available to video call, grab a cuppa and settle back for a new baby visit 2020 style. You can also use apps such as Zoom to organise a group chat with a small group of close friends so that you can all 'visit' the baby together.