Pushchair sun shades

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As the sun has decided to come out in the UK, we thought that we'd prepare three different products designed to attach to the pushchair and keep your baby out of the sun.

Firstly, seek shade as much as possible, make sure you pull your pushchair canopy over - but this doesn't always block out all of the sun, which is where these three products come into play.

1.) Parasol, these have a universal clip that fits to almost any pushchair. Simply attach to the pushchairs and angle the parasol to provide a degree of shade for your baby. Bear in mind you will have to adjust this angle while you are pushing your baby around in different directions and also they can be a bit wobbly and obstruct you while you push.

2.) My Buggy Buddy, this simply clips on and provides shade in close proximity to your baby. It's smaller so not as bigger shade area as the parasol, but it's really easy to quickly manoeuvre and reposition. You can even use it in your car as a car seat sun shade. It's really versatile, lightweight and easily folds down to a small compact size so you can pop it into your bag just incase the sun comes out.

3.) Snooze Shade, this is the snooze shade deluxe, a really versatile overall pushchair canopy. You can use it on virtually any pushchair in a variety of different configurations. Here we have it as the canopy going over the top of your baby, it has peep hole windows that you can un-popper so that you can still see your baby, and a mesh ventilated section you can also unzip. Next we have it covering the front of the pushchair, the mesh section is great for keeping insects at bay, and providing a degree of darkness to help your little one snooze. Once unzipped it provides great side shade protection.