Pros and cons of Moses basket vs Bedside crib

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Are you undecided on wether to use a Moses basket or a bedside crib?

Here are some pros and cons that you may find helpful.

Moses basket pros:

- Less expensive

- More versatile

- Smaller / doesn't take up as much room in your bedroom

Moses basket cons:

- Can only use for the first 3 to 4 months, meaning you will have to transition into a cot and then fit that cot in your bedroom also, to comply with safe sleep guidelines stating you should sleep in the same bedroom as your baby for the first six months.

Bedside crib cons:

- Larger, take up more room in your bedroom

- More expensive

Bedside crib pros:

- Can use them up until your baby is six months old. (depending on the size of your baby of course)

- When you drop the side, both you and your baby can maximise the benefits that close proximity can bring. This is even more beneficial if you are suffering from lack of mobility following a cesarean section.