Paddling pool safety tips - how to keep babies and toddlers safe

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During this lovely hot sunny weather, many of us will be keeping our toddlers entertained in the garden with a paddling pool. So here are some really important paddling pool tips for you.

Always watch children near water and never leave them unattended. Children can drown in just 2cm of water.

Keep distractions to a minimum, so that's no looking at your mobile phone. If there is a few adults around, agree on who is designated water watcher, just so that you know that there is always someone keeping an eye on the children.

If you must answer the front door, always take your child with you, even if they're not in the pool.

Always remember to drain your paddling pool at the end of the day and turn it over. This will help prevent unnecessary build up of rain water, and of course keep the paddling pool safe for babies and toddlers.

Hope these tips help.