Next to me crib comparison at the baby show

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We've been asked to look at some bedside cribs and the first one here is the next2me air. This has all round air flow ventilation with mesh sides, a detachable side for co-sleeping. Six height adjustment levels and takes babies up to around 9kgs or approximately 6 months old.

Next is Chicco Next2me Magic 2, now the main difference here is that it has a spring loaded side panel with a squeeze and release function. Arguable easier to put up and down then the side on the Air. It also has a rocking function.

The Next2me Forever can be used for children up to 4 years old. It can be used in both co-sleeper mode and as a stand alone cot. When used as a co-sleeper it must be attached to the bed, and once attached the spring loaded side would also work. It can be used as a junior cot bed and is considerable larger than both the Magic and the Air.

The SnuzPod 4, slightly smaller than the "Chicco Next2me'' made from wood. have breathable mesh sides, they are rock-able and also have a dropped side option. They are made from organic fabric, have a range of colour ways, have a lift off bassinet and cater for babies around 6 months old.

Finally the Maxi-Cosi Iora, now this is a slightly different design, has the drop side and one breathable mesh side panel. It doesn't have a rocking function, but as with all beside cribs it's supplied with straps to connect it to the bed. It's approximately the same size as the Magic and the Air and takes babies up to around 6 months old.