Morning sickness

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Morning sickness is a very common symptom of pregnancy, and it can make those first few weeks a bit of a nightmare.

Some women find that having a cracker before you get out of bed in the morning can help stop the worst of the nausea.

Try eating smaller meals more regularly or snacking on fruit or crackers. Avoid spicy foods as this can intensify the feeling of morning sickness. Always try plain foods first and see if thats helps.

Keep yourself hydrated by taking regular small sips of water. Try to avoid large quantities, as this can upset your stomach further.

Some women find taking ginger is helpful. Now you can have this as a food, tablet or tea!

Another alternative is to take vitamin B12, but it's ESSENTIAL that you check with your healthcare provider first to make sure you are taking the correct dosage.

Finally travel sickness bands can work really well for some women as can acupressure or acupuncture.