How to travel to your staycation with a newborn

Staycations are the new vacations for 2021 and for new parents you may be looking to take your newborn away for a much-needed break or to meet family members across the country. We have put together some hints and tips for travelling with your baby to keep the whole family safe. 

Firstly, ensuring you have the correct car seat for your babies’ weight and instructions for car fitting is essential. Most shops that sell car seats will be trained and able to help you with this.  

Secondly mapping out your route is going to be key in preparing for your journey. Lots of online route planners will be able to tell you mileage and roughly how long your journey will take. It is not advisable to travel with in cars with pre-term and young babies for long distances. Pre-term and young babies may be at risk of breathing difficulties if travelling in an upright position in car seats for a long period of time. This is because the best place for a baby to sleep is on a firm and flat surface such as a cot or Moses basket. Moving your staycation for a few weeks to help your baby get stronger might be best to consider. 

If this is not an option, young babies should only travel for up to 30 minutes at a time. Lots of regular stops and getting your baby out of their car seat to stretch and check on your baby is important. You could also consider having an adult sit next to your baby throughout the journey to keep an eye on them between breaks. 

For slightly older babies the advice is to travel for no longer than 2 hours with your baby in a car seat. With all precautions mentioned above, checking your little one has not slumped forward or changed position is essential for safe travel. 

Lastly it is also advisable to keep an eye on your little one’s temperature to ensure they do not overheat in the car seat. Babies that get too hot are at risk, so it is advisable to remove any hats or outdoor clothing such as snowsuits and coats once your baby is in the car. You could also use a window shade to protect against the sun. The best way to check your baby isn’t getting too hot is to feel their tummy or back of their neck, if their skin feels clammy or sweaty, they are too hot, so remove a layer of clothing, as young babies cannot regulate their temperature.

We have popped some links below for other sources on safe travel. We hope these tips help you to have a safe journey.