How to Throw a Thoughtful Baby Shower

This week we're thrilled to have a guest post from the lovely Tiffany, AKA Mummy Concierge! Tiffany is a mum of two, with another on the way and the creator of one of the most amazing resources for new mums and mums-to-be. Tiffany's services include advice and tips for packing your hospital bag, plus extensive research into the very best baby products to suit your personal lifestyle. Tiffany also offers Motherhood Classes- with parent experts on hand to ensure you begin your motherhood journey armed with all the knowledge you need. Mummy Concierge is a 'bespoke, personalised experience to help you navigate what should be- and will be- the most important time of your life.' So without further ado, here are Tiffany's top tips on how to throw a thoughtful baby shower.


Give Books Instead of Cards

Books are going to last a lot longer, and are kinder to the environment too. When my friends arranged my baby shower, they each gave me a favourite children's book and wrote lovely personal messages inside. These books will be treasured for a lifetime and I read them to Rupert and Ophelia most nights still. 

Late Night Messages

We all know how lonely those late night/ early morning feeds and nappy changes can be- and in the early days it really can feel as though sleep will never be a 'thing' again! Get a pen and paper and ask your guests to write down some messages of encouragement, words of wisdom, pieces of advice or even some jokes. Reading though them can make all the difference at 3am, and its such a thoughtful thing to do for a new mum.

Time Capsules

Ask your guests to write a letter to your baby so that you can save them and keep for their 18th birthday. This really is a lovely way to capture the moment as you look forward to baby's arrival!

Include Dads!

Your baby shower doesn't need to be a women only affair! Getting dad involved will help so much in allowing him to feel included and start in the crucial process of bonding too. Not to mention he can help to organise events and join in the fun and excitement too!

A few things to avoid...

Remember, we want to throw a thoughtful baby shower, so there are a few things you might want to re-consider or avoid completely. I've put together a really short list of my absolute no-no's:

  • Don't include games such as 'smell the nappy'. One word: gross. What started as a classy and sophisticated gathering quickly became a tacky hen do the moment this game started!
  • Don't share 'war stories' about birth. Firstly, its not a competition and secondly birth stories are the last thing a pregnant woman wants to hear at her baby shower! 
  • Don't stray from the gift list. If the parents have compiled a list of baby products they would like/ need then please adhere to it if you're buying a gift. They've probably spent time thinking about the things that they really need, so will definitely appreciate you buying from that list!

Do let us know if you have any other ideas for throwing a thoughtful baby shower!