How to keep your baby warm this winter

Chilly nights are on the horizon and with energy prices ever increasing, getting our children’s bedtime clothing right is the best way to ensure the whole family is cozy this winter. 

 How to dress baby in the winter

*Remember this is just a guide - please monitor your baby regularly to ensure they are not over heating.


Room temperature - 

First thing we need to be looking at is the temperature of our little one’s bedrooms. The most comfortable temperature for sleeping is between 16 – 20°C with 18°C being ideal. You can use a thermometer to measure the temperature and adjust your nighttime plans accordingly.  You may want to use your heating sparingly this winter, so if you are able to set your heating for before bedtime, this will help to warm the bedroom and then your babies bed time clothing can do the rest. 

It is not necessary to heat a baby’s room overnight if their clothing is correct as we also do not want to risk our children overheating. With that in mind we have put together this handy guide below on how to dress baby in the winter,

If your baby’s bedroom is likely to go under the 14°C mark, it may be worth in investing in a 3.5 tog sleep bag. 

If you are not using a sleep bag then layered cellular cotton blankets are a great option as you can adjust these easily as required. When using blankets ensure you place your baby’s feet to the foot of the cot and keep the blanket below your little one’s shoulders. 

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How to check if my baby is warm enough? – 

The best way to check if your baby is at a comfortable temperature is to use the back of your hand to touch their tummy, chest or back. Their skin should feel warm, not too hot or cold. Never use your baby’s hands or feet as indicators of their temperature as these are always usually colder than their core temperature.   


Signs of overheating - 

As before to check for overheating, we need to be checking and touching them on their tummy, chest or back and if their skin feels clammy or sweaty, they are too hot. Another sign is if their hair/head or neck is damp, this is a good indicator to start removing layers. Remember not to add a hat to your baby when they are indoors or sleeping as their head is important for maintaining body temperature as this is where we release heat. 

Overheating can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome), please see our link at the bottom to, the lullaby trusts – safer sleep for babies, website for invaluable support in this area. Being vigilant and reacting quickly will ensure we keep our babies safe and sound. 


Bedroom layout – 

It is best to keep you baby’s cot away from radiators, if this is unavoidable then turn off the radiator altogether. It is also best to keep you baby’s cot away from windows as direct sunlight can cause a baby to overheat.


What if my baby is ill?

If your baby has a fever they will need less bedding and clothing. Ensure they are monitored throughout the night and seek medical attention if they get too hot. 

We hope our winter warmer tips and advice give you the confidence moving into the colder months.