How to keep baby safe in the sun

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How to keep your baby safe in the sun.

1.) Always try to keep them in the shade as much as possible.

2.) Invest in a sunhat

3.) Make sure you keep your baby hydrated, they may want more feeds when it's warm. If your little one is bottle fed, you may want to offer a few sips of boiled COOLED water, but if you are breast feeding and your baby isn't weaned then you don't need to offer any water at all.

4.) If your baby is over 6 months apply high factor suncream such as this one - factor 50, regularly. If your little one is 6 months or under it's actually recommended that you don't use suncream at all due to their skin being sensitive and permeable - instead just keep them out of the sun as much as possible.

5.) You may want to invest in a sun shade or a parasol to attach to your pushchair to add extra shade for your little one.