How to cool the room for baby on hot evenings

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A follower asked:

"Any tips for what to do if the temp is too high? Our bedroom has been between 22 and 24 this week"

These tips are the same for a newborn but apply them to your own bedroom as this is where your baby will be sleeping for the first 6 months.

1.) Keep the curtains drawn in the day and invest in a black out blind to block the sun.

2.) Use a fan directed at the wall to circulate the air. Do NOT point fan directly at your baby in their cot.

3.) Open the window during the day if it's safe to do so and the air outside is cooler, to help generate a breeze to cool the room.

4.) Dress your baby in lightweight breathable clothes/bedding such as a 0.5 tog muslin sleeping bag. Or just a cotton vest and nappy.

5.) Offer your baby an extra feed if they're thirsty.

6.) Use a room thermometer to monitor the room temperature and a forehead thermometer to check your baby's temperature.