How to cool down when you're pregnant

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During pregnancy your body can feel alto warmer due to the surge in hormone levels, and also an increased blood supply to the skin. We've come up with some tips on how to help you cool down in the sun.

Many women find that their skin is more sensitive to the sun during pregnancy, which means you are more likely to burn. So make sure you use high factor sun block, and sit in the shade when ever you can.

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Pregnant women need at least 6 to 8 medium sized glasses per day.

Wear floaty clothes in a breathable fabric like cotton which allows body heat to escape whilst also keeping you cool.

You could always try taking a dip, or a lovely cool bath that will help cool down your entire body and also help relive the pressure a little from your ever expanding bump.

Finally, when you're pregnant during the summer, you tend to retain a lot more fluid than normal and this will gather at the lower parts of your body so try to remember to relax and put your feet up when ever you can.