How to check your baby’s temperature using your hand 🤚

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A follower asked:

"How can I check my babies temperature without a thermometer?"

A quick and simple way to do this is by using your hand. Remember to always use the back of your hand, never the palm, as this is more sensitive.

The first key area to check is the back of the neck. If your babies skin feels nice and warm they are fine. However if your babies skin feels hot and sweaty or damp then the chances are they are overheating, so the suggested advice is to remove a layer of clothing, or. a layer of bedding.

Other areas to check include your babies tummy or chest or forehead. Again use the back of your hand. Don't worry if your babies hands or feet feel cool as this is quite normal and helps them to maintain a regular temperature.

If you are concerned your baby has a high temperature, check with a thermometer if you have one and seek medical advice.