How to calm a crying baby with trapped wind

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Ok so we now have your baby crying uncontrollably, they have trapped wind and colic and you need to try and help get their wind up. Here are a few techniques you could try to help relieve the situation, remember to get your other half involved, it's not just down to you.

The first technique is to gently place your baby over your shoulder, get a lot of movement going here, try the patting on the back, the rubbing, jiggling up and down. Try all-sorts here because you are trying to get he wind up and trying to relieve your baby's stress. Make sure you've got a muslin here to try and help catch any you baby does bring up. You may want to try a little bit of shushing. Remember don't shush directly into your baby's ear.

What you could also try is gently manoeuvring your baby, manoeuvring the muslin and then try the knee jiggle, lots of movement here, still gently tapping the back, make sure you support their head, really good option here.

The final technique, making sure you support your baby all of the time, is to gently place them across your lap, gently position your baby's head to one side and then gently rub and pat your baby's back.