How to bath newborn if you don't have a bath

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Let's take a look at the Shnuggle baby bath...

This is a popular choice for lots of parents, because not only is it small and compact, it only uses 2 litres of water to the maximum fill line - a lot less than if you were using a bath support in an adult sized bath. It's the perfect choice for if you haven't got a bath at home.

Here's some more of the baths features:

- It has a really lovely foam back rest to make it nice and comfortable for your baby, here again you can see the maximum fill line.

- A great feature is the 'bum bump' this stops your baby from slipping down into the bath.

- It also has a plug hole here for you to drain the bath.

- Grippy feet stop the bath slipping around.

You can use this bath even in your kitchen sink, you can have bath time in the lounge, you can even take it outside for playtime outside with your little one.

Also we have the toddler sized version. This is for 9 months plus, also again it has the plug, grippy feet, still has the foam back rest and a smaller bum bump for older children. Perfect for if you do not have a bath in your house.

So that's two options there from Shnuggle.