How many nappies should you prepare for a newborn?

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A viewer asked:

"How many nappies should I buy to prepare for a newborn? No idea what size baby would be and not sure what to buy!"

This is a great question, if you are using disposable nappies then Size 1 should fit most newborns: 4lbs to 11lbs.

Check the size guide on your chosen nappy brand packaging to make sure it's suitable for your baby.

You could always try asking friends and family for recommendations, and maybe buy two brands to try.

This Lupilu pack contains 24 nappies, on average a new born requires between 6 and 8 changes per day. So if you're using this brand then two packs would last around a week.

If you prefer reusable nappies such as these from Bambino Mio, they come in starter sets for babies of 8lbs + which includes 8 nappies plus all the essentials.