Homemade air-con

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Trying to cool my daughters room before bedtime.

Try placing a bowl of ice in front of your fan to help circulate colder air. Remember not to point the fan directly at your baby and to instead aim it at the wall.

Young baby's find it very difficult to regulate their body temperature, they also use body heat four times quicker than adults.

They cannot move away from the fan or tell you that they're cold. And of course this therefore means that a young baby is more likely to get a chill from a fan than an adult.

Another criticism of pointing a fan directly at a baby is that the air can blow a particular angle at your baby's face could damage your baby's hearing or blow into their ear and give them an ear ache, or could also dehydrate your baby.

As adults we can of course roll over away from the air, but a tiny baby can't.

So if you're lucky enough to have ceiling fan make sure you set it at a low level so it's gentle and it's acceptable as it doesn't blow directly onto your baby's face.

In all cases, make sure the fan is out of reach of your baby.