Euro women’s England team inspired baby names!

The Lionesses have guaranteed themselves a place in the UEFA EURO final. After an epic 4-0 win in the semi-finals against Sweden, we are looking at the names inspiring the next generation of young football players and possibly your little one’s name.  



Forward Alessia Russo is making a name for herself in the euros. Her Italian name means ‘defending warrior’ and couldn’t be more perfect for her part in the competition. If you’re looking for a strong name, Alessia might just be a top scorer for your bundle of joy.  



Carlotte Wubben-Moy is flying the flag for the defenders this year. Lotte is a shortened name for her full name, which comes from the name old german name, Charlotte. With Lotte meaning ‘free man’ it could be the perfect name choice for your independent little champion.   



Forward player Nikita Parris has a name meaning, just right for a player keeping their eye on the prize. Nikita of greek origin means ‘unconquered’ and would be a bold pick for your new team mate. 



Lucy is an English name derived from the Latin male name Lucius and means ‘light’.  With Lucy Bronze fiercely defending in the euros, could Lucy be the name inspiration for your ray of sunshine.  



Lots of beautiful names are inspired by places of the world and Fran as you can probably guess, quite literally means ‘France’. Midfielder Fran Kirbys full name is Francesca, which similarly to Fran means ‘the Frenchman’. We think it’s a gorgeous name choice for your little Lioness.