Daily routine for 6 month old baby

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6 month old baby schedule:

You may wish to adapt this to attend to the individual needs of your baby. This schedule starts with your baby waking at 07:00. If you baby wakes earlier or later please feel free to adapt the routine accordingly.

07:00 - Having a feed, get dressed and ready for the day. (feel free to delay this until after their first nap)

09:00 - 2 hour wake window, this nap is going to last around 3/4 of an hour to one hour.

10:00 - Another feed, then go out and about so they can get lots of fresh air.

12:00 - A longer nap, an hour and a half to two hours, if you can incorporate this to when you are out and about then do this because it's great for you to not have to stick so rigidly to a schedule.

You may have noticed that we have wake windows of 2 - 3 hours here, this is typical of a six month old.

14:00 - Have a feed, do some fun activities.

16:00 - 30 minute nap.

16:30 - have a feed, this tends to be the witching hour, they will be grizzly.

18:00 - start the bed time routine.

Don't forget to look for sleep cues during the day, around when you are looking to put your baby down for a nap as you may want to do this a little later or earlier accordingly. Remember you're trying to get around 5 feeds in during the day.

18:30 - 19:00 - Last feed and put baby down for bed. Your baby will probably wake for at least one or two feeds during the night. This is completely normal. Also if your baby sleeps right through this is normal too.

This is just a rough guide and you don't have to stick to it rigidly.

Hope this helps.