Child safety week 5 tips for around the home Part 1

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It's child safety week, and of course keeping your child safe is a top priority for all parents, but did you know there are so many potential hazards in your own home? So here's 5 tips to help keep your baby safe.

1.) Lock away blind cords. Every year, sadly babies die from becoming entangled in the cords attached to their blinds. A lot of manufacturers supply a simple device here - a cleat for you to wrap your blind cord around, but if you haven't got one of those you can buy simple devices online to do the same thing.

2.) A baby seat or support for use during bath times is no replacement for adult supervision. Babies have been know to die sadly by being left in seats similar to these while parents nip out of the room for a second. Please make sure you have everything to hand before you begin bath time so you don't have to leave your baby unattended.