Blankets covering pushchair warning

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If you are out and about on a beautiful day like today, we all know it's really important to try and keep your baby in the shade, but sometimes this isn't always possible to do that, so parents are often tempted to pop a blanket or a towel over the pushchair to try and keep their baby in the shade. It's not always advisable to do this and we're going to show you why.

The current temperature is 27.3°C, just going to pop the thermometer into the pushchair, cover it with the towel and we're going to come back in 20 minutes to see what the temperature is then.

Here we are 20 minutes later, let's take a look at the thermometer... 47.4°C WOW!

As you can see, during that 20 minutes the temperature has risen by nearly 20 degrees - incredible. Please please don't use towels or blankets on your pushchair, instead try and get one of these parasols that clip to the pushchair, or use a specially designed sun shade which allows air to circulate underneath and of course, when you are out and about try to stay in the shade as much as possible.