Baby keeps waking at midnight!

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A follower asked:

"My baby is 9 months old and keeps waking up at midnight no matter what time I put her to bed, what would you suggest?"

There are lots of reasons why this could be happening, your baby could be over tried, having too much day time sleep, they could be teething, they could be approaching a sleep regression or big milestone in their life. This can all affect the quality of overnight sleep which can cause your baby to wake up, sometimes at the same time every night.

Now all of this can really be quite overwhelming, but try not to give up hope, we suggest that you go back to basics and re-establish a really good sleep routine. Now this includes day time naps as well because they can affect the quality of overnight sleep.

Now when and if your baby does wake up - try and keep the room as quiet and subdued as possible, try not to over stimulate your baby, because they may be waking just to have fun with you.

Now if you're going to feed your baby or change their nappy make sure you have everything to hand, so you're not spending a lot of time rushing around so your baby get more and more awake.

Also when you're putting your baby back down to sleep, try using some white or pink noise, this has been proven to be really soothing and reassuring for babies and can really help them to settle into a new deep sleep.

You could also try leaving your baby for a little while to see whether or not they are going to self settle by themselves.

Remember consistency is key, please don't give up hope and we hope these tips help.