5 Tips for managing your baby’s sleep routine at Christmas

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5 tips for managing your baby's sleep routine at Christmas:

1.) Be prepared, now if you're traveling to in-laws try to remember to take all of your baby's familiar sleep time essentials, that way you can try to follow your baby's sleep routine as closely as possible. Also think "Where is baby going to sleep?" You may need to take your Moses basket or even a travel cot.

2.) Prioritise at least the morning nap if you can. Now most babies do much better if their morning nap is their usual environment. So try to make that a priority before going out and about if you can.

3.) Look for sleep queues. Christmas is an exciting time with lots of stimulus so it's likely that your baby will become over tired a lot quicker so you may even have to bring nap time, or bed time forward.

4.) Plan ahead. If it's likely that you're going to arrive home after baby's normal bedtime, make sure you put them in their pyjamas before you set off, that way you can transfer them into their cot with minimum disruption.

5.) Try not to stress too much. It is Christmas, and it is hectic. With the best will in the world you could quite easily loose your baby's sleep routine. Try not to worry too much because you can easily get back on track in the new year.