5 things you need for baby number 2

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Here's 5 things you're going to need for baby number 2!

1.) Really important - you're going to need a car seat for your new baby.

2.) A double buggy. You may be able to get some sort of attachment for the pushchair that you have already got to make it bigger to accommodate two children, or the other alternative is that you could buy a buggy board for your toddler to ride on.

3.) If you are breast feeding, you're going to need to check your breast pump - make sure you don't need any replacement parts, and also make sure you have lots of breast milk bags. If you are bottle feeding you're going to need some new bottles. If you are not going to get new bottle bottles you will definitely need to get some new teats.

4.) If you are thinking of using a pacifier this would be a good time to get those as well.

5.) A new mattress for your baby to sleep on. Or if you are going to re-use your old mattress then i'm going to give you some important hints and tips on how to make sure it's safe and usable in my next video.