5 steps for getting started with breastfeeding

5 steps for getting started with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be a rewarding and emotional bonding experience for you and your baby. Breast milk is packed full of everything your baby needs to grow and help fight off any infections. Below we have listed 5 useful tips for getting you started on your breastfeeding journey.

tummy to mummy position how to breastfeed

Tummy to Mummy Position

Lie your baby across your lap with their tummy facing you. Support your baby’s head with your forearm with your hand supporting the rest of their body. Allow their lower arm to fall under yours. Check your baby’s ear, shoulder and hip are in a straight line. If possible in the early newborn days, try this position skin to skin with your baby as this helps your baby attach to your breast using natural crawling and latching on reflexes.

nose to nipple how to breastfeed baby

Nose to Nipple

Line your baby’s nose up with your nipple so their head is tipped back and this should help your baby to make a wide, open mouth ready for latching on.

Comfort is Key

If it doesn’t feel right, try a different position such as the ‘rugby hold’. Once you have found your preferred feeding style, use cushions and footstools to help keep you both comfortable.

winding is winning how to breastfeed baby

Winding is Winning

There is a little myth that breastfed babies don’t need winding and whilst it’s true that breastfed babies don’t need winding as often as bottle fed babies, they may still need your help when it comes to get trapped wind out. Every baby is different and has a unique way of feeding, so look out for your baby's signals. If your baby cries or seems uncomfortable while nursing or after a feeding, they may need a little winding.

Practise Makes Perfect

Breastfeeding takes practise for you and your baby. Breastfeeding is a skill that both you and your baby need to learn together and it may take a little while for you both to get the hang of it. Common breastfeeding problems include sore or cracked nipples, low milk supply, breast engorgement and latching pain so be kind to yourself and seek support.

We hope this starter tips help you to get started however if you are having any concerns at all, speak with your midwife or health visitor and they will be able to give extensive advice and support on everything breastfeeding from latching on to different feeding positions.