4 month sleep regression

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When do babies move from 2 sleep cycles to 4 sleep cycles? Now this usually occurs at around 3 to 4 months and coincides with the dreaded '4 month sleep regression'. Now this is when there is lots of activity and rapid brain development going on which can seriously disrupt your little one's sleep patterns.

Here's some tips to help with your baby's 4 month sleep regression.

1.) Make sure your baby gets exposed to lots of natural day light, and keep them active while they are awake.

2.) Look for signs of sleepiness, this will be the queue for you to start the bedtime routine.

3.) Try to create a good sleep environment; obviously make sure it's dark, calm with as little stimulation as possible and why not try some white noise?

4.) Make sure you stick to a consistent bed time routine which could include bath, a feed - make sure they are well fed and your baby is winded, and then bed.

5.) When your baby wakes for a feed in the middle of the night, try to do so as quietly as possible to avoid over stimulation.

6.) Try putting your baby down to sleep drowsy or awake because this will give them the opportunity to learn how to self settle.

7.) If they wake in the middle of the night, don't go rushing in - give them a minute or two because they may be able to self soothe.

8.) If your baby can learn to self settle from an early age this will be a big positive, but don't worry if they can't - it's completely normal, just stick with your sleep routine and you will get there in the end, this sleep regression will pass.