4 month baby sleep regression

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A follower asked:

"my daughter is 4 months old and refuses to sleep, some days I have to walk around with her in my arms for hours to get her to sleep. Any tips?"

It sounds like your baby is hitting the 4 month sleep regression, so here are some tips.

Try putting them down to sleep while they are drowsy and not fully asleep. This gives your baby a chance to experience falling asleep by themselves as opposed to being held.

Make sure your baby gets exposure to lots of natural daylight and keep them active while awake, this will help adjust their internal body clock.

Try to create a good sleep environment:

- Make sure it's dark, calm with as little stimulation as possible, and why not try some white noise - my babies loved it.

Make sure you stick to a consistent sleep routine, which could include bath, feed - make sue baby is well fed and winded and then bed.

When your baby wakes int he middle of the night, try leaving them for a little incase they manage to self soothe.

If you need to give your baby a feed in the middle of the night, try to do so as quietly and calmly as possible, to help avoid over stimulation. (dark dim room and avoid play)