3 month old baby nap routine

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There's lots of reasons your 3 month old may not be napping in the day, and here's a few of them:

Firstly your baby could be over tired, or under tried. So it's important to look out for sleep queues, such as your baby rubbing their eyes or yawning. This would signal that they could be ready to take a nap. Now on the other hand if they are irritable, grumpy or full of energy, it's going to be harder for them to take a nap.

Secondly it could be the sleep environment, so let's make sure your room is set up to induce sleep. That means it needs to be dimly lit, you could use a black out blind on. a bright day. You could also try and use some white noise and make sure the room is at the correct temperature (16-20°C).

Additionally it's important to establish a consistent pre-nap routine. Now this will signal to your baby that a nap is approaching. Now this could consist of lots of cuddles, quiet time, potentially a feed because a hungry baby is unlikely to sleep. Now all of these combined will help establish a nice routine which will signal to your baby that it's time to take a nap.