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ewan Deluxe grey



product details

  • Suitable from birth
  • Babies under 12 months, suspend ewan from cot bars or place beside Moses basket
  • Intelligent MoonMode smartCRY sensor
  • Listens for 4 hours every time baby cries
  • Plays 4 soothing sounds
  • Contains night light
  • Velcro tail
  • Requires x3 AA batteries
  • We highly recommend using rechargeables
  • Available for international delivery

about me

Expertly designed for little ones who struggle to settle at night, ewan Deluxe is here to help by working his magic at sleep times! This uber cute cuddly toy mimics the comfort of the womb with soft pink glow and selection of soothing sounds , including an actual recording of a heartbeat and womb, to lull newborns and toddlers into a peaceful sleep. ewan Deluxe features an intelligent MoonMode smartCRY sensor, which is cleverly designed to automatically activate when baby stirs in the night, helping to resettle them, meaning ewan can effortlessly work his magic and ensure the entire family can get a great night’s sleep! The smartCRY sensor listens for 4 hours – if your baby does not stir, it will automatically switch off, to help conserve battery life. Better still, the Deluxe also has a removable control pod so ewan can be washed, keeping him clean and healthy!

features and benefits

  • Soft cuddly toy with light and sound features to lull baby into a peaceful sleep
  • Intelligent MoonMode smartCRY sensor, which automatically activates when baby stirs in the night
  • 4 soothing sounds: vacuum cleaner, rainfall, harp melody and a recording of the womb. All sound sequences feature a resting heartbeat in the background – not computer generated
  • Light and sound displays feature a 20 minute timer with automatic shut off and volume control
  • Soft pink glow mimics the womb environment to help comfort and soothe
  • Attaches easily to cot bars, pushchairs and car seats using Velcro tail
  • Removable control pod so ewan Deluxe can be machine washed

want to know more?

Sleep deprived parents will appreciate ewan Deluxe just as much as their tired tot does! The intelligent MoonMode smartCRY sensor listens for baby’s cry and automatically activates when they stir, meaning ewan can effortlessly work his magic throughout the night, whenever baby needs a helping hand to re-settle. Designed to recreate the soothing sensation of the womb, ewan emits soft sounds and a calming pink glow to reassure babies and toddlers. There are four soundtracks to choose from; vacuum cleaner, rainfall, harp melody and the womb. Each of the sounds are recorded at a low bass frequency, similar to that experienced pre-birth and is combined with the recording of a resting heartbeat to help little ones settle. The light and sound displays feature a 20 minute timer with automatic shut off, saving parents the inconvenience of having to get out of bed to switch ewan off. He also makes an excellent travel companion, attaching easily to cot bars, pushchairs or car seats using his Velcro tail, perfect for family holidays and overnight stays when little ones needs to see a familiar face.
Apart from being simply the cutest sheep on the block, ewan Deluxe® makes a perfect baby or toddler gift!

Requires 3 AA batteries. We highly recommend that you use high quality rechargeable AA batteries with ewan Deluxe. If you have 2 sets and rotate them, then you will always have fresh batteries to hand! This will work out much more economical, plus you’ll be helping conserve energy and the planet too! If the cry sensor in your Deluxe suddenly stops working or keeps switching itself off, then you need to change his batteries. The control pod has single button activation and/or smartCRY sensor which automatically activates when baby cries. Pod plays 4 different soothing sounds and has optional pink glowing LED. Pod is concealed in pouch pocket inside toy.

look after me

  • Machine wash at 40 max on a delicate cycle
  • Recommend air dry, however can be tumble dried at a low heat setting


6 Customer Reviews

  1. I look forward to purchasing the deluxe for our new arrival when it’s back in stock, original ewan was such a hit with our first born couldn’t have been without him!

    Rating: 5
  2. A true companion for 7 years. Both our daughters have a Ewan and despite now being 7 and 4, Ewan is still there nighttime friend. They have come with us on all our travels and have survived everything for all these years. I love the sound myself as well, it’s so soothing. Finally today I washed them and they didn’t survive. I know that was to be expected but after all these years they started to be very grey… even though my children are no longer in the age for Ewan, I will probably buy new ones. This is the best gift ever for babies and the quality is excellent and so is the lovely customer service. We LOVE Ewan!!!

    Rating: 5
  3. I bought Ewan as a first time parent and I absolutely LOVE it. We had really bad trouble with getting baby to settle, having sleepless nights but Ewan has eliminated this issue for us and helping baby go straight to sleep. I cannot believe that a tiny little sheep can make such a difference to our lives!! The sensor is amazing and the massive bonus for us is the fact that you can wash Ewan which keeps him super clean, healthy and germ free for our baby. It easily attaches to the cot and pram aswell so no fear of losing him. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone!! 5 + stars !!!

    Rating: 5
  4. Ewan is amazing. I don’t use it as much as I used to (between the 3 to 10 months period it was used a lot, I know for a fact if someone gave me a harp I’d know exactly what to play)
    But, for the times when it’s a bit hard. And it’s always at midnight and Mother Nature hasn’t quite got your back as your wishing for the rain to fall for its soothing sound. Quite a handy gadget.
    Oh and get the delux, it’s cry senor is brilliant and quite funny when your debriefing your child and just automatically comes on…

    Rating: 5
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