misty the smart cloud | 4 in 1 night light
misty the smart cloud | 4 in 1 night light
misty the smart cloud | 4 in 1 night light
misty the smart cloud | 4 in 1 night light

misty the smart cloud | 4 in 1 night light

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Introducing misty the smart cloud, 4 in 1: Nursery thermometer, sleep inducing light show, sleep trainer and personal assistant, all combined into one super cute and super smart product. Misty links to a mobile phone app meaning you can easily monitor your baby’s sleep environment, together with controlling her functions wherever you may be!

*Misty only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Most dual band routers in the UK support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. For more info click here

Misty the Smart Cloud, recipient of the prestigious ABC Kids Expo Award of Distinction Winner of the Outstanding Tech Savvy Category, is a multifunctional super cute and super smart IoT product. Use Misty’s 4 in 1 technology to monitor your baby’s nursery temperature via live data; gently settle them to sleep with a choice of two soothing light shows; set the clever colour change sleep trainer to help your child know when it’s time to wake up and use the personal assistant to record important data such as feeds, health events and nappy/diaper changes onto your baby’s diary.

Misty links to a mobile phone app meaning you can easily control her wherever you may be! No more sneaking into your child’s room risking waking them up!

Nursery Room Thermometer

Check your little one is sleeping at the correct temperature with Misty’s colour changing system and temperature display. Adjustable brightness means that Misty can also be used as an ambient nightlight.

Colour coded temperature range display so you can ensure baby is comfortable while sleeping i.e.) when to adjust bedding/tog rating of sleeping bag/baby’s clothing.

- Easy to read digital temperature display.

- Easy to understand colour coded cloud display indicates temperature of room.

- Receive live temperature data to your phone via the app.

- Control Misty via your mobile phone app or manually.

- Constantly monitors nursery temperature even if Misty is in a different mode, sending notifications if you need to take action.

Soothing Light Show

Help settle your little one to sleep with Misty’s softly changing light show which uses colour therapy to gently settle your baby or toddler.

Choose from Soothing Sunset: a gentle fusion of calming amber, reds and yellows; or Northern Lights: an enchanting display of dreamy colours, to mesmerise and help little ones drift into a peaceful sleep.

- Connects to App / control via mobile phone or manually.

- Adjustable brightness via app on your mobile phone / manually, to suit your child’s preference.

Sleep Trainer

Help your child understand when it’s time to sleep and when it’s ok to wake up with Misty’s clever sleep trainer. Great for little ones who are too young to tell the time and also helps to give parents that little bit of extra time in bed!

Clever colour changing cloud display communicates sleep and wake up time to your child: Amber for sleep time, which gently changes to green to signify wake up time. It’s so simple for little ones to understand! Set the wake-up time via the app on your phone or manually.

- Adjustable brightness via mobile phone app/manually to suit your child’s preference.

- Digital 24-hour clock is handy for parents in the night.

Personal Assistant / Baby Diary

Use your Misty app to help track all your baby’s important information and much more, in the Baby Diary.


Track breast feeding or bottle sessions with a user friendly one tap log.Enter duration of feeds.

- Capture feeding session notes e.g: left or right breast, total amount of formula baby has taken on the feed.

- Gain insight into your baby’s feeding patterns by viewing your feed notes.


Keep track of changes of nappy/diaper.

- Record notes to share with your doctor /paediatrician or other caregivers.

- Gain insight into your baby’s nappy/diaper patterns by viewing your notes.


Add caregivers as “family members” to record your baby’s data.

- Record doctor/paediatrician appointments/health events.

- Time stamp important milestones.

- Make notes on baby’s weight and length or any other important data.

- Access your baby’s diary from multiple devices.

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  • room thermometer
  • sleep trainer
  • soothing light show
  • baby diary
  • connects with app
  • works with alexa

nursery temperature notifications

misty the smart cloud push notifications

Monitor your baby's sleep environment at your finger tips.

Receive notifications if the room gets too hot, or too cold.

northern lights

An enchanting display of dreamy therapeutic colours, to mesmerise and help little ones achieve a calming state of bliss.


This light show helps children learn to focus on specific sensory elements in their environment, which in turn helps to filter and block out those which may be causing distress.


soothing light shows

Calm and settle little one with misty's colour therapy mode.

misty light show
misty light show

review your temperature data

A drop in temperature could cause your baby to wake during the night.

Look back over your nursery temperature for up to 60 days.

log feeds with just your voice

Misty integrates with Amazon Alexa, for those times when you may have your hands full.

"Alexa, ask misty cloud to
enable sunset light show"

works with alexa
misty works with alexa

win the morning, win the day

Misty's sleep trainer mode lets baby know when it's ok to get up.

misty sleep trainer mode

co-parenting just got easier

misty the smart cloud baby diary

Misty's baby diary is super useful to help track all your baby’s important information and much more.

Setting up a family account allows you to share one diary between you.

frequently asked questions:

Delivery usually takes 2-3 days for UK mainland.
FREE! All orders over £14.99 from our website are delivered for absolutely nothing (to the UK).
Yes, we highly recommend using Misty from birth. Her soothing light shows and temperature mode make for perfect tools when establishing your little ones bedtime routine.
2.4GHz wifi refers to the band width emitted from your router. Even though wireless speeds at 5GHz can be significantly faster than 2.4GHz, the range of a 5GHz connection is not as good. That's why we've chosen 2.4GHz for misty. For more info on wifi connection click here

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*Misty the Smart Cloud is brought to you by Sweet Dreamers. Sweet Dreamers are working in partnership with The Lullaby Trust (a charity registered in England and Wales with charity number 262191) and together are committed to promoting safer sleep for all babies. The Lullaby Trust is neither the manufacturer nor the distributor of Misty the Smart Cloud. Misty the Smart Cloud is manufactured by Sweet Dreamers and is distributed by Sweet Dreamers.