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What our Mum’s say

We love hearing about the way our SweetDreamers products a have helped transform your baby’s bedtime into a happy experience for all. So please do let us know your story by emailing your comments to us together with any pictures for our galley, we look forward to hearing from you soon…

“THANK YOU!!! Don’t know if I could survive without EWAN THE DREAM SHEEP’
Lily Allen – Singer

“Huge thank you for the fab Ewan dream sheep! Covey loves it, we have hung it on his Moses basket.”
Konnie Huq – Xtra Factor Presenter

“She actually really likes it! The heartbeat is her fav!!”
Amanda Holden – TV Presenter

“She has a toy called ewan the dream sheep, which makes sounds that mimic the noise of my heart when she was in the womb, and she loves that.”
Una Healy – Singer from The Saturdays

“I would recommend all new parents get a ewan – it’s seriously worked getting Ella to sleep (and her Mum!)”
Jenni Falconer – TV Presenter

“Ethan loves falling asleep to ewan’s music and staring at the light! We now take his dream sheep wherever we go and it definitely helps Ethan settle himself.”
Kirsty McCabe – Daybreak

“In a word ewan is a miracle!”
Claire from West Sussex

“I didnt discover ewan till my son was four months old. I had been worried that he would be too old for ewan to have an effect. How wrong I was! He worked his magic the first night we used him and has been ever since! His soothing effects work wonders on the whole family! We snuggle in bed on sundays listening to ewans heartbeat sound. Within minutes the three of us have drifted off in to peaceful sleep. Proof that he is perfect for both babies and grownups!”
Gemma Stratford

“ewan the sheep, glows gently and looks such a darling that he instantly became part of the family.  I’ve used soft music toys before as a sleeping aid, but found the the music too short to maintain sleep into its solid phase, so you end up going in and putting them on again and again. But ewan has staying power and finishes his job off properly! During the day ewan takes his place in the buggy about town and is great for a visit to the grandparents or the doctors. He is ‘peace on the go’ and is fantastic!”
Ann from London

“We recently received our ewan from you and Nicholas (8months) LOVES him – looks at him adoringly and strokes his face tenderly! It has made for a very lovely peaceful bedtime which is fantastic. Everyone who meets Nick’s ewan thinks he’s great!”
Cate from Perth, Australia

“I ordered ewan the dream sheep, after being recommended him by other mums for my 14 month old son. I admit I was slightly sceptical as I worried, that with him being an easily disturbed sleeper and being an older baby, he may not take to it! For the first few weeks he mostly used it as a toy, but recently he was very unwell and we put it on to soothe him and I am amazed! He now loves it on when he goes to bed day or night and he falls into a deep and happy sleep every time! We are truly ‘ewan’ fans now! Every mum should have one!”
Julie from Ayrshire

“I gave a ewan to my son’s friend who lost his wife during childbirth. His little baby Ella just loves him, as I believe everyone here in the states will.”
Julie from Ohio, USA

“We bought ewan for our 18 month old daughter Addison, she was suffering night terrors on a regular basis and no matter what we tried she wouldn’t settle back to a restful sleep. But thanks to the use of ewan and the harp music, she became calmer and more relaxed and eventually would fall back to sleep.Each night we made a routine of using ewan at bedtime with the lights low we would read our bedtime story and Ewan would sit on the bed with his calming glow and White noise. Now at 29 months Addison is still using ewan & we still have the same bed time routine.Thank you ewan for making bedtimes peaceful & calming; I would say that every mum should invest in a ewan as the reassurance he gave to Addison was invaluable in helping her to self soothe.”
Charlotte Everiss

“We received ewan on Saturday morning, very impressed with speedy delivery and your customer service, just in time as my son developed chicken pox on Saturday afternoon. We are attending the Baby Show at ExCel and will be recommending to anyone we get talking to, that they pay your stand a visit, as well as recommending ewan in the future.”
Kristina & Jonathan from London

“My daughter loved the soothing harp track, she fell asleep within a matter of minutes, it was absolutely amazing. I would totally recommend ewan to anyone with a baby that needs help at to settle at bedtime”
Louise from Chichester

“I will continue to recommend your fantastic product to my friends and family, it has made such a difference to our bedtime routine”
Lauren-Beth from Bedfordshire

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