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baby massage, how to and when to | the podcast episode 17

Hello and welcome to Baby Dribble which is brought to you from Sweet Dreamers HQ by the SweetDreamers team. Baby Dribble is a fun, friendly and FREE parenting advice “channel” for new and expectant parents and caregivers. We aim to offer knowledge, support and insight into to the wonderful world of parenthood with industry expert guests and medical professionals.

Lucy here, and welcome to this week’s podcast. Today we are very privileged to have a special guest here with us in our studio, Sarah Lewis, perinatal support and perinatal eduction specialist including baby massage and yoga.

Sarah offers continuous perinatal support and perinatal education to mums and families in Portsmouth, Southsea and Havant, with mums and families from the wider Hampshire region attending her classes and workshops, so we are very excited to get the chance to talk to her today on the baby dribble podcast. We’ll be covering all things baby massage.

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